Links of the Week 5

  • Tom Kenny

Icons for Interaction


John Hicks, the designer of the original Firefox logo and the MailChimp, shares his slides from his @media talk. A must read.

HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using


Now that XHTML 2 is disappearing here’s a tutorial that will show you how we’ll be coding with HTML 5 in the near future.

30 Most Influential People In Web Design


A great list of the most influential people in the web design industry. I follow most of them on Twitter and you should too.

12 Excellent Social News Sites for Web Designers


It’s not exactly hard to find web design blogs, articles or tutorials but these sites do a good job of bringing them to you.

Color and Typography in Good Design


Colour and Typography are key components of web design so here is a run-down of how to use them well.

Coming Soon...

The Learn from Great Design Volume 1 eBook


The bad news is it isn't ready yet but the good news is you can get three case studies for free, right now. Simply sign up and I will send it to you immediately. People subscribed to the email newsletter also get a discount on the book when it's released.

The book will contain 20 LFGD case studies (I spend at least 5 hours on each one) but there will be another version of the book with even more studies and at least 3 masterclasses, with even more in-depth studies of great design. One of them is the travel giant Airbnb.

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