Links of the Week 8

  • Tom Kenny

Usability lessons from Don’t Make Me Think, text rotation with CSS, fresh portfolio inspirations, a/b testing and free analytics tools.

10 Usability Lessons from Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think


If you haven’t read Steve Krug’s book, Don’t Make Me Think, then you really should. Even if you have read it here are ten usability lessons learnt straight from the book.

Text Rotation with CSS


Jonathan Snook shows a way of rotating text in CSS. There’s even a method that works in Internet Explorer! I’ve noticed that this doesn’t work in Opera however.

50 Fresh Portfolio Websites for Your Inspiration


Looking to redesign your portfolio? Think of doing something different with this unique collection of inspirational designs.

How to do A/B Testing in WordPress


A/B testing is a great way of trying our two or more aspects of a design to see which has a greater effect. Ryan Carson talks through the process of setting this up in WordPress. Well worth checking out.

Best Free Website Analytics Tools

free web analytics tools

The best free (all except one) analytics options for your websites. Analytics tools are vital to testing a site so make sure you use at something at least.

Coming Soon...

The Learn from Great Design Volume 1 eBook


The bad news is it isn't ready yet but the good news is you can get three case studies for free, right now. Simply sign up and I will send it to you immediately. People subscribed to the email newsletter also get a discount on the book when it's released.

The book will contain 20 LFGD case studies (I spend at least 5 hours on each one) but there will be another version of the book with even more studies and at least 3 masterclasses, with even more in-depth studies of great design. One of them is the travel giant Airbnb.

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