Welcome to the New Inspect Element!

  • Tom Kenny

Inspect Element has gone through its biggest change since its first bytes were let loose on the internet and this redesign is version 4 (fun fact: version 2 came 3 weeks after version 1 and it was a complete redesign!). If you’re a regular visitor you will have noticed that updates have been few and far between for a little while. That is about to change, but I need your help. More on that later.

New Logo

Inspect Element’s new logo represents two fundamental areas of creating websites:

The pixels of the design and the building blocks of development. If you hover over the logo, you will see these blocks falling into place, something I have always aimed to help you do by sharing anything I learn.

After being primarily focused on design, Inspect Element has shifted slightly towards front-end development but will now have more of an even balance of the two, so I thought it was important to have something to encapsulate both in one simple presentation.

You can only see three blocks in the logo but there is a fourth, hidden block, sitting underneath the one that rests on top. It represents what we want to hide from the user. The average visitor to a site doesn’t care about what we care about, they only care about the experience. We want them to use our designs effortlessly without having to think too much about what they’re doing.


I want to share more. It’s the main reason why I set up Inspect Element and designing is my passion so this gives me an excuse to design more and you’ll also benefit. Win win!

Not only will I be creating my own free designs and other goodies, freebies will also focus on great work created and released for free by others as well as other little things like free photos for you to use in your own designs.

If you have any work of any kind that you would like to release for free or feature here, please let me know and if it’s good enough, I’ll link to it or possibly even host it directly.


Snippets are the same great links you’ve been used to on the old version of Inspect Element. Any external link that’s worth a mention with some commentary by me will go here. I may experiment more with this space in the future but I’m not sure exactly how just yet.

No Comment

Comments are no more, at least directly through the site. This is mainly because I just don’t have the time to moderate them as well as reply but also because I think it keeps the site cleaner and less cluttered. Instead, it’s best if you leave a comment on Google+ or @reply to me on Twitter here.

Premium WordPress Themes

This is the big new addition. WordPress is something I now use day-in, day-out in my full-time job so I’ve decided to start selling WordPress themes.

The first release, appropriately named Origin, which I believe is the beginning of greatness for what’s to come. Origin is a responsive magazine/blog theme which has a simple and clean design, easy-to-use theme options but is also powerful through the use of widgets. See more about it here.

Now for the aforementioned help I need to make Inspect Element perform to its full potential. For me to get the best out of Inspect Element I would absolutely love it if you could buy a WordPress Theme to support my efforts. If you like what I do it’s absolutely the perfect way to get the best out of Inspect Element as I hope one day to give it my full undivided attention and not just something I dedicate most of my spare time to. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback in the period I’ve been running it and I would love to help even more by dedicating as much of my time to it as possible. Of course, you’ll be getting a high quality WordPress theme too. So, once again, win win!

If you like Inspect Element, it would also be great if you could share it with anyone you know in the web design/development industry who you think might benefit from it and please share it in the usual places on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or wherever you can. Last but not least, please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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