Links of the Week 23

  • Tom Kenny

5 easy ways to improve user experience, how to use Modernizr, bring new life to old posts, 10 things about WordPress 2.9 and 5 simple CSS properties.

Links of Interest

5 Damn Easy Ways To Improve User Experience


How to use Modernizr


4 Ways To Bring New Life To Old WordPress Blog Posts


10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.9


5 Simple, But Useful CSS Properties


This Week on Inspect Element

10 Fantastic and Creative Web Design Styles

Wallpapers of the Week 23: More Stunning HDR Photography

The Use of Logos in Web Design

Coming Soon...

The Learn from Great Design Volume 1 eBook


The bad news is it isn't ready yet but the good news is you can get three case studies for free, right now. Simply sign up and I will send it to you immediately. People subscribed to the email newsletter also get a discount on the book when it's released.

The book will contain 20 LFGD case studies (I spend at least 5 hours on each one) but there will be another version of the book with even more studies and at least 3 masterclasses, with even more in-depth studies of great design. One of them is the travel giant Airbnb.

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