Links of the Week 9

  • Tom Kenny

The Espresso illustration, using Twitter for inspiration, what if websites we’re people, HTML5 goodness, colour tips and a great web comic.

The process behind the Espresso illustration


Veerle Pieters guides us through the ideas and thinking for her beautiful design for one of the best text editors on the Mac.

Essential Guide to Using Twitter for Inspiration


This one does exactly what it says on the tin and it’s always fascinating to see how other people work so check it out.

What if Websites Were People…


A fun post matching websites to people they most resemble. Very creative.

HTML5 Canvas Experiment


A look at the potential of HTML5 can do. Don’t forget that no flash is being used here at all, just Javascript and HTML5. View in latest version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Five Really Simple Colour Tips


Colour can be a harsh beast to get to grips with but Mike Kus over at Carsonified gives five tips to get you started.

Brad Colbow


I’m a big fan of online comics and the only one missing was a web design comic. Brad Colbow’s comic about web design fills in the missing gap superbly.

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The book will contain 20 LFGD case studies (I spend at least 5 hours on each one) but there will be another version of the book with even more studies and at least 3 masterclasses, with even more in-depth studies of great design. One of them is the travel giant Airbnb.

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