Advice for Beginners

  • Tom Kenny

Good to see an article directed towards beginners, offering the best advice as they get started from people who have already been in that position and succeeded. Here are a pick of what I thik is crucial advice for everyone as well as beginners:

Never stop learning

I can’t stress this enough. I’m actually in the process of writing a post about this is so important so stay tuned.

Comment your code

You WILL forget work you’ve done in the past (I do all the time). Good commenting will help remind you what you did.

Think of the visitor who is trying to find out something. They need to understand what’s going on, not just be impressed.

This is a crucial part of design that people, especially website owners, often overlook. It’s your job as a designer to educate your client/boss on this because they’ll most certainly be looking it through their eyes and not from the point of view of the visitors’.