• Big Ideas

    Design can have a myriad of purposes: to inform, persuade, sell, or delight. To delight means to present something with a different point of view, while retaining clarity. It makes others see the world in new and different ways.

    We are taught a set of skills important for our growth and survival: communication, arithmetic, wellness, and many others. But no one teaches us how to perceive the world. Perhaps this is a job for delight: to delight someone is to give a small lesson in how to see the world as something good.

    Very interesting reading, as always, from Frank Chimero.

  • I spent many hours trying to pick something to render all the graphics (including the static ones). What renders graphics fast and can update quickly? A browser, of course. The Chrome Skia and V8 engine are heavily optimized for graphics rendering, and HTML5 has matured to a point where you can do advanced graphics like this.

    Probably the strangest use of CSS I’ve seen but it seems to do the trick quite well.

  • Amazing animations for typing text into and input field. Runs a bit slow in Firefox and is slightly jumpy in Safari on desktop and mobile but runs very well in Chrome.

    Here’s the features from the accompanying blog post:

    • Supports input (type text) and textarea form elements
    • Add effects to each letter being typed / deleted
    • All effects are highly customizable via CSS
    • Default effects are CSS3 hardware accelerated
    • Tries to simulates real input / textarea as much as possible
  • Simple User Styles

    Neat little collection of user styles removing the most unimportant parts to focus on the content of a few popular websites.

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