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  • When purchasing items on the internet (especially airline tickets), use incognito mode on your browser. We use your own cookies against you: raising the price on tickets the more times you check, as you shop around for better deals. That way you’ll think the price is going up or that seats are being actively sold – thus increasing your urgency to buy, and punishing you for trying to get a good deal.

    We all know about the extra charges airlines like to throw us but I bet you didn’t know about this one. Disgusting.

  • Seeking Inspiration

    Nothing is truly inspiring unless you apply it to your work. (“work” meaning your life’s output, whether creative, business, or personal.)

    In other words, your work, itself, is the inspiration.

    You may hear something or see something that gives you a new idea.

    But it’s only when you stop and think of your work through this new perspective, that you actually jump up and go turn the idea into reality.

  • One piece of advice I’ve given designers starting out is don’t put work in your portfolio that you don’t want to do again. It’s easy to feel pressure to “round out” your book, and make your skills look as broad as possible. But it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy — the work you show is the kind of work people will ask you for.


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