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  • The Save symbol is years overdue for a rethink. How can this immensely vital symbol be communicated in a timeless form so we never have to go through this again?

    Yet another interesting design discussion on Branch.

  • Copy is not more valuable than design. They are equally important on the web. Without great copy, design fails to do it’s job, and likewise, without great design, it doesn’t matter how great your copy is.

    For the most part, however, I agree with a lot of what he’s saying. As designers, we should be good with words. After all, we are responsible for the presentation and effectiveness of a given message.

  • So to work around this, I ginned up a set of masks that sit on top of each image. The execution is simple – 3 identical divs, rotated around the central point of the image. Combined, they result in a perfect hexagon. With the mask in place, I applied a bit of jQuery to fade in / fade out the text and overlay.

    Neat little trick to create interactive hexagons with CSS, although without any responsive web design abilities. It’s possible to create the hover effect with CSS too, without using jQuery.

    It’s worth noting I’ve seen this technique used before this post was created with responsive web design in mind. You can see it in action here.

  • I avoid teaching the term ‘UX.’ It means too many things to too many different people. Instead I focus on individual skills. Once you understand the individual skills, you can assemble them into a composite system without blurring them together. For software design, the core skill among all user-facing concerns is user interface design.

    I completely agree. I’ve long been confused by what UX really is but the essence of the experience is the user interface. User experience can mean so many things but it’s what you do with the user interface that really encapsulates everything and can create great experiences for the user.

    For people who make software, I recommend starting with a strong understanding of UI by itself. These fundamentals can take you very far.

  • Funny CSS Gif

    Funny representation of how CSS can be at times, using a clip of Peter from Family Guy trying to use a window blind.

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