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  • Draggabilly

    Neat looking little javascript library to make HTML elements draggable. Also works great on mobile with touch.

  • I’m not saying these tools aren’t valuable because they absolutely are. They are just introducing fragmentation into our community and I am noticing how much of a part of it I have become. I want to share my code with everyone who writes CSS, not a subset of that group.

    The fragmentation is pretty much the reason why I’m reluctant to invest any time into using CSS preprocessors at the moment.

  • I used to use BrowserLab frequently but Adobe have shut it down. I can’t say I’ll miss it as I haven’t used it for many months but it was a great service when I needed it.

    When we originally launched BrowserLab as a free service back in 2009, our customers were struggling with testing their web content across desktop browsers and platforms. Since then with the growth of the importance of mobile devices and tablets, the landscape has changed dramatically. Because of this shift, we have seen the usage of BrowserLab drop over the past year while at the same time our engineering team has been focusing on solving this new challenge with new solutions. Due to this, we will be shutting down the Adobe BrowserLab Service effective immediately.

  • Brevity in Design

    As I continue to shorten my articles, I’m also “shortening” my designs. And by that, I mean finding the best way to do something.

    In design, brevity is finding the best way to perform an action in the fewest steps without losing efficiency or the message. And it requires building a visual hierarchy–understanding what the most important actions are for your product.

    This is something I’ve been thinking about in my design work lately.

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