Trust Your Designers, They Know What They’re Doing

  • Tom Kenny

Having worked as an in-house designer for a major travel company, I know the pain of having to deal with upper management trying to take things into their own hands.

I always find it interesting when a client hires a designer because of their expertise but then decides to nitpick every decision they make. I can assure you that professional designers have got your best interest in mind. They know what they’re doing and they all want to create something truly incredible for you.

The exact same thing happened to me on a daily basis and no matter what I said or how I tried to reason with them, they were always ‘right’. One of the main mistakes clients makes is to forget to look at their site from their customers’ point of view. If they would only do that then maybe they could become more trusting of the work we do, the experience we have and our expertise.

I think we need to educate out clients to think more like a user and less like most of them do know. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @tkenny.