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  • Taking a Break

    Inspect Element has been up and running for about ten months now. Hopefully it has provided you with enough useful information which you’ve been able to apply to your own work and improve what you do. It certainly has helped me improve my own work which was one of the many goals I set out before I started.

    Some of you may not know that Inspect Element is a one-man-show and basically I’ve just become too busy lately to doing any work on new tutorials and articles. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any content for weeks and have even been too busy too write this post up until now! Apologies for that but the last few weeks have been a combination of new job, moving and currently having extremely limited and painfully slow internet access (tethering via iPhone) in my new place. Continue reading

  • The first six months of Inspect Element have been great but it’s time to step it up a level. If you’ve been following Inspect Element lately, you’ll notice that everything looks new! Times have changed and the site was in desperate need of a redesign in order to grow and improve. Although saying that, I wanted to carry over the fundamentals from the previous design including keeping a minimalistic appearance to keep the focus on the content. Continue reading

  • The first six months of Inspect Element have been amazing and before I launched it I didn’t think I would still be doing it but here we are and the important thing is that I’m still enjoying it. I firmly believe the work that I have put into Inspect Element has helped me become a better designer and will continue to improve my skills as time goes on.

    I’ve decided to take a break until January 4th to recharge my batteries, spend time with my family and friends through Christmas and New Year, play some video games (Xbox Live GamerTag – KennySim) and make sure that Inspect Element returns in 2010 bigger and better than before.

    Talking of better… Continue reading

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